DE-SPIKETM provides electrical power systems with clean and efficient power distribution, with applications in construction, emergency response, military operations, commercial transportation, recreation and many other industries.




DE-SPIKETM family of Voltage Control Systems

De-Spike's proprietary design takes a unique approach to controlling power surges allowing it to act both as a Surge Suppressor as well as a Lightning Arrestor handling both lower end surges as well as catastrophic high end surges usually associated with lightning.

This technology has allowed De-SpikeTM to have a 40+ year successful track record providing protection in residential, commercial and industrial environments.  

DE-SPIKETM family of Voltage Control Systems provides excellent protection in residential, commercial and industrial environments. Downtime can prove to be very costly and troublesome in all business environments.

Let DE-SPIKETM give you that added sense of assurance that your business will not be plagued by destructive surges that can destroy valuable business and industrial equipment.

In addition, DE-SPIKETM will help protect against the smaller everyday surges that can occur undetected but can have damaging cumulative effects that destroys your expensive equipment and shortens it's working life.


The service entrance is the first location within your facility where you must prevent high-voltage transients from entering your operation. It is also that point in your electrical system where the most severe transients usually occur. Events such as lightning, utility grid switching, and other high-energy random transient events can cause severe damage to the environment within your facility and interrupt the critical processes of your business. Practically every electrical system suffers from dirty electrical power. Dirty electrical power can damage every type of electrical equipment from sensitive electronics to heavy industrial motors. Dirty electrical power bombards electrical circuits up to 400,000 times per hour. As a result, your electrical equipment is being gradually (sometimes suddenly) destroyed.

Cleaning up dirty electrical power may help increase the life span of your expensive electrical equipment.

When you consider the downtime and valuable equipment loss that results from power surge damage, De-SpikeTM Voltage Control Systems is the only intelligent choice.

DE-SPIKETM units are recommended to be placed on the main and branch panels in business and industrial applications to provide optimum protection.The main panel or service entrance surge suppressor provides the first line of defense against large externally generated transients controlling them down to safe levels. These externally generated transients include those caused by lightning storms, downed power lines and similar distribution problems.  Branch panel surge suppressors handle the surge remnants which may remain after a massive hit at the main panel has been stepped down. In addition, branch panel surge suppressors prevent transient cross contamination between the various circuits and their connected loads.

TM Voltage Control Systems have been protecting Homes, Businesses, and Government Facilities for over 40 years.

With DE-SPIKETM you will enjoy safety, convenience, and peace of mind while protecting your Home or Business from damaging power surges.

The specific model of
TM  surge suppressor you will need will be determined by your Main and/or Distribution panel's line voltage configuration such as 208-3WYE, 240-3Delta, 480-3WYE, etc. Consult your electrician for this specific information or

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