This letter is to let you know the tremendous success that we have experienced from your

DE-SPIKE installation.

Prior to the installation of the various DE-SPIKE surge suppressors, we had numerous electrical spike problems with our computer and telephone.

These voltage surges came from electrical storms which frequented our part of town in the spring and summer. Several times we had 3 to 5 thousand dollars worth of damage to our computerized telephone. We tried several complicated grounding ideas and expended considerable time and money trying to short out or ground the buildings or the electrical equipment. Nothing seemed to work. Then we accidentaly heard about your research and your unique approach to solving electrical and lightning problems.

After the installation of your DE-SPIKE equipment in 1985, we have not had a single case of equipment failure due to lightning or other surges. The protection has been so complete that we have enthusiastically recommended your service to other lumber dealers in North and South Carolina.

I am an electrical engineering graduate, and I had begun to believe that there was no satisfactory solution to voltage spikes due to lightning. Your unique equipment has changed my mind, and has saved my company much worry and many dollars since 1985.

Please feel free to use us as a reference for your equipment at any time, as we are convinced that you have no peers in the business of electrical equipment protection.




As you know, we have one of your surge protectors installed on each of our branches and was not really sure that they would serve the purpose.

On the morning of November 9, 1990, a tractor trailer hit our meter base that was on a pole outside one of our branches and caused a short. After we got power restored, we found that the DE-SPIKE   DS-240-3D  took the full load and saved all our computer equipment along with the telephone systems and all the other office equipment.

The cost of the DE-SPIKE unit was well worth its price, and I am positive now that the surge protector works as it was designed to do.

Thank you for having manufactured this product.



In August, 1984 Fort Jackson ( U.S. Army, South Carolina) began installing Voltage Surge Suppression Devices on electrical panels which served loads that were susceptible to lightning damage. In 1984 Fort Jackson's DEH  installed a DE-SPIKE  Voltage Surge Suppression Device on electrical panels in two academic classroom buildings. Since installation of the surge suppressors there have been no recorded instances of lightning damage to personal computers in either of the buildings. Approximately 1800 personal computers are used for training purposes in these two buildings.  The DE-SPIKE surge suppressors have also proved effective as protection for gate operators on electrically driven fence gates at Fort Jackson's ammunition supply point. Other applications of the surge suppressors include Fort Jackson's army hospital and the DEH computer room. Approximately 1500 DE-SPIKE units have been installed with no known failures to any of the protected equipment.



I have had, on my home at Lake Murray, SC, one DE-SPIKE per panel box. Since installation five or more years ago, I have had NOT ONE power failure due to lightning.

Friends around the lake without such protection have not been so fortunate. Also my children in Knoxville, TN; Washington, D.C. ; and across town in Columbia, SC are as pleased as I am and have been trouble free since installation of DE-SPIKE.



On the evening of September 3, 1992 we experienced a massive electrical storm in Lexington,  SC. It would not have been unusual for this type of storm to damage our computer system or the Heating and AirConditiong systems. Both of these systems are needed to operate our business.  The electrical system within the building had recieved an electrical surge, that could have  destroyed both systems at once had it not been for the DE-SPIKE surge suppressors. We recommend this product to any business or home. This product has saved this company a great amount of money and inconvenience.



Re: DE-SPIKE  Unit

I was having very bad problems with electrical spikes after opening my Photo processing lab in June of 1985. The equipment that we use has a computerized station that controls all of our operations. Two weeks after opening, my computer was completely destroyed by an electrical spike.

I purchased the above mentioned unit, and since have had no problems with spikes and my equipment is operating very well. The DE-SPIKE  Unit has worked well and I am very pleased with my purchase.



The DE-SPIKE   protectors that we have installed on both Fire Alarm Systems and Computer Equipment have demonstrated great quality and proven  to protect our equipment time after time. I would like to thank you for the time  spent at our facilities in order to provide us with the protection needed.



After installing DE-SPIKE   protectors on the power systems for our computer room early in 1988 we have not had any down time due to power surges.

Thanks to DE-SPIKE we have eliminated the most serious of interrutions of service to our users.



The City of  Savannah Water Operations Department purchased thirteen (13) DS-240-3D units in the Spring of 1983 to alleviate problems with damaged electrical components experienced during electrical storms or similar instances of high voltage spikes.  To date the units have performed satisfactorily. A review of the historical maintenance records indicated that no major electrical control or motor damage had occurred since installation of these surge protection units.

In the business of public services, uninterrupted service to the customer is one of our main objectives. We are very pleased with the field test performance of these units.




Our branch office experienced numerous problems on the multiset drive system due to severe weather problems in this area.

During the summer of 1987 we installed DE-SPIKE as a test for our equipment. Since then, in spite of continuing severe weather, we have not experienced any electrical problems on our computer system due to bad weather.

We recommend DE-SPIKE as preventative maintenance on sensitive computer equipment.



Approximately nine years ago I purchased a DE-SPIKE  unit for my home. At the time I had just installed an inground swimming pool. With additional water near my home I wanted the feeling of knowing that my property was as safe as possible form lightning strikes. I have had no surge problems with lightning strikes since purchasing the DE-SPIKE  unit.

Last year I purchased a DE-SPIKE unit for my son's home. He was experiencing serious problems with lightning striking his televisions and VCRs. He, likewise, has experienced no problems since having the  DE-SPIKE   unit  installed.

Of course we can never have absolute control over lightning strikes but with the DE-SPIKE  unit I feel that I have the best possible protection for me, my family and my home. I would highly recommend the DE-SPIKE unit to anyone wanting the satisfaction of knowing that you too have protected your family and property as best you can.



We were first introduced to DE-SPIKE by a salesman that we regard as having the proper knowledge of sewer and water systems and related maintenance. We told him we were having severe problems with one of our pumping stations. This being especially in the summer time when lightning was frequent in our area. This problem had gotten to the proportion where we were having to get up through the night and manually correct it for proper maintenance

As you know, sewer systems relating to backup and spillage is very hazardous and we have to keep close watch on it. Therefore an alarm system is installed to notify us when a pumping station is not properly working.

We asked the salesman if he had any knowledge of a product that would correct our problem. Being from the hometown of the manufacturer, he told us about DE-SPIKE, a new product that had just been developed. We ask him to contact the maufacturer for us and that we would like to try one. If it worked, we would buy it and sevreral others for the City of Wrens. The next week the Manufacturer's Rep. came by and told us about the unit and how to install it. We then contacted Georgia Power and asked them if this was the proper installation and their thoughts on the unit. They advised us to go ahead and install it to see if it would control the problem. This was in April 1982. We and Georgia Power monitored this unit for the next few weeks. We found out it did solve our problems and have not had a reoccurence of the problem.

We then ordered DE-SPIKE units to go on our city water plant, computer systems and other locations. We are very pleased with the performance of these units and this letter should be a testimonial to anyone that DE-SPIKE will control voltage problems.

Utilities Superintendent

City of Wrens


We installed DE-SPIKE voltage suppressors in September 1982. The DE-SPIKE units have controlled electrical surges which has lessened our down time with blown fuses. Obviously, this would be a monetary saving in maintenance labor and the cost of the fuses. Reducing equipment down time also increases production.

I would reccomend the DE-SPIKE voltage suppressors for anyone with electrical circuitry.

Textile Plant Manager

DE-SPIKETM has a 40 + year track record of protecting Homes, Businesses and Government Facilities with no known instances of equipment damage where DE-SPIKETM units are installed. No other manufacturer's performance record can compare.

Below are just some of the many satisfied customers.

Talbert & Talbert Lumber Co.
Roxboro, NC

City of Savannah
Savannah, GA

City of Wrens, GA

Pelican Companies, Inc.
Myrtle Beach, SC

USOG Support Center
Kodiak, Alaska

Midlands Orthopedic Center
Columbia, SC

Swinnie Supply Co.
Anderson, SC

Dorn VA Hospital
Columbia, SC

Concord (USA) Ltd.
Columbia, SC

Brock Electric
Columbia, SC

Shaw Lumber Co.
Sumter, SC

Columbia Foot Clinic
Columbia, SC

York Properties
Raleigh, NC

Chandler Hospital
Savannah, GA

SC National Guard

US Department of Defense

The Computer Group
Columbia, SC

Naval Air Development Center
Warminster, PA

South Carolina State Hospital
Columbia, SC

Depot Salvage & Building Supply
Lexington, SC

South Carolina State Highway Dept.
Columbia, SC

Boozer Lumber
Columbia, SC

Bureau of Reclamation
Yakimadi, WA

Aiken County Schools
South Carolina

United States Navy

DG&F Typography
Columbia, SC

Upstate Carolina Medical Center
Gaffney, SC

SC Budget & Control Board
Columbia, SC

Columbia, SC

Naval Education & Training
Norfolk, VA

Digitron Inc.
Columbia, SC

Colour Pro
Cayce, SC

Town of Varnville
Varnville, SC

Caesars Palace
Las Vegas, NV

Shaw Air Force Base
Sumter, SC

Myrtle Beach Air Base
Myrtle Beach, SC

Beulah Baptist Church
Hopkins, SC

South of the Border
Dillon, SC

Goldston's Building Supply
Wake Forest, NC

SC Department of Mental Health
Columbia, SC

Naval Public Works Center
Pensacola, FL

The Manning Co. Inc.
Columbia, SC

United State Army
Fort Stewart, GA

Capital Electrical Supply Co.
Columbia, SC

Electrical Systems Co.
Savannah, GA

Hampton County Bank
Hampton, SC

United States Naval Base
Guantonomo Bay, Cuba

Weisz Graphics
Columbia, SC

Southern Exposure Camera
Smyrna, GA

Teledyne Amco Co.
Reading, PA

Mebane Lumber Building Supply
Mebane, NC

CED Perry Mann
Columbia, SC

BB&T Banks
Columbia, SC

Capitol City Lumber Co.
Raleigh, NC

J. T. Haeksema Tool
Grand Rapids, MI

Central Warehouse
Lexington County, SC

FCVS Communications
Columbia, SC

Dayco Corporation
Williston, SC

Ashley Inn
Santee, SC

United State Army
Fort Jackson
Columbia, SC

United State Air Force
Hickam AFB

United State Air Force
Wright Patterson AFB

United State Navy
Charleston Naval Base
Charleston, SC


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